Mission Statement:

“To engage superior waste collection and utilization technologies in the SWM sector of Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan regions.”


To create a preferred company of choice in the SWM sector of Nigeria and Africa.

WCP’s fundamental interest is the effective engagement of renewable energy as a primary source of fuel to implement the global Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) – 7, which is based on the provision of affordable and clean energy. We therefore understand that the use of sustainable raw materials which is engaged through the efficient harvesting of resources with low environmental impacts and carbon footprints would guarantee the success of clean energy projects.

  • Following from the above and in the interest to engage MSW as feedstock for renewable energy, we note the challenges presented by poor Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Nigeria. The challenges leave a major gap in the Nigerian economy as it has a direct impact on health, transportation and telecommunication sectors.
  • The opportunity to develop a viable SWM sector creates a circular economy with the potential to provide employment for +200,000 people. With a traction of the SWM sector, the Nigerian economy will benefit from a requisite demand for 4,600units of trucks, 38,000units of tricycles, 8400units of containers which shall be immediately required. This is a $1.4billion industry which has the potential to grow to $5billion in 10years.
  • With the aforementioned, the opportunity to harness waste collection in the 774 LGA presents the basis to engage private sector investments to undertake the development of integrated waste management facilities (IWMF) which will produce organic fertilizer (compost) and green power from waste.
  • The waste conversion plants, which shall be developed nationwide will, therefore, produce:
    1. 1,575,000MT of high grade compost for robust cultivation of crops, the reduction of land fallowing and reversal of crop rotation technology in farming.
    2. 222 – 740MW of green power on a dedicated embedded power production arrangement.

The business structure of WCP provides the basis for the deployment of our financial and transportation technology, and the development of independent W2E plants in all states of Nigeria as the need for waste utilization is critical nation-wide. In respect of the anticipated undertaking, WCP is presently in discussion with some of the state governments in South-West Nigeria to develop waste conversion plants and as such WCP’s present structure is as follows;

WCP’s fundamental interest is the effective utilization of refuse-derived fuel as a primary source of resource to produce renewable energy within the implementation of the global Sustainable Devlopment Goals.

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