WastePro has designed collection points across the Ibadan Metropolis, as it engages three autonomous locations; Ojoo, Ekotedo and Oke Ado to provide the first configuration of easy access for plastics aggregation in the waste value chain. The engagement of our “All Waste have Value” program creates the basis to trade in the waste stream of plastics, paper, tin/metal. We have thus, working with our international partners, created a trading platform to track plastics from source of collection to its marketplace. We, subsequently, manage collection points where plastics sellers are able to collectively trade at the price of the day. Thereby creating a strong basis for the setup of plastic recycling facilities as an integral aggregation point for our circular economy.

Our collection points provide convenient locations for gender-based involvement of women in the sales of collected plastics within the government reservation areas where quantum plastics exists in nooks and corners where event centers and lucrative parks exists. The plastics LDPE, HDPE, PET, PS are easily piled up to deliver at our plastic collection points which are conveniently situated. At the locations, the plastics are processed as the goods are weighed and suppliers are immediately paid at the price of the day. All suppliers are on-boarded on our SWANET platform which is seamless linked to the Empower tracking and marketplace.